Download pdf of Environment & Geography II - an important magazine for UPSC CSE and state PCS Examinations.

Environment & Geography II - Download pdf

IAS Parliament Environment & Geography II : Download magazine on Environment & Geography II for UPSC CSE and State PCS Exams. This magazine will be very helpful for understanding important articles on various topics. In this magazine all important articles related to Environment & Geography II of the country with other countries. This will help you in preparing for UPSC Mains Exam 2019.

You'll learn about all important articles:- World Air Quality Report 2018, Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency Norms – Vehicular Pollution, Decline in Diesel Vehicles - Maruti Announcement, Global Environment Outlook - Lessons for India, Discussion on Climate Change Plans - UN Secretary General, Stalagmites of Meghalaya Cave - Predicting Northeast Monsoons etc.

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