GS Score Economic Survey 2018-2019 for UPSC Civil Service Exam

GS Score Economic Survey 2018-2019

GS Score Economic Survey 2018-2019: Download Highlights of Economic Survey 2018-2019 for UPSC Civil Service Exam.

GS Score endeavored to provide a synopsis of Economic Survey 2018-19. This is part 1 of this pdf, Click here to Download Part 2

  1. Shifting Gears: Private Investment as the Key Driver of Growth, Jobs, Exports and Demand,
  2. Policy for Homo Sapiens, Not Homo Economicus: Leveraging the Behavioural Economics of "Nudge",
  3. Nourishing Dwarfs to Become Giants: Reorienting Policies for MSME Growth,
  4. Data "Of the People, By the People, For the People",
  5. Ending Matsyanyaya: How to Ramp Up Capacity In The Lower Judiciary,
  6. How does Policy Uncertainty affect Investment?,
  7. India's Demography at 2040: Planning Public Good Provision for the 21st Century,
  8. From Swachh Bharat to Sunder Bharat via Swasth Bharat: An Analysis of the Swachh Bharat Mission,
  9. Enabling Inclusive Growth through Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy,
  10. Effective Use of Technology for Welfare Schemes- Case of MGNREGS,
  11. Redesigning a Minimum Wage System in India for Inclusive Growth.

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